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KSD Transportation

School Bus

Transportation Department

Welcome to the Kuna School District Transportation Department.

Contact Us

The Transportation Department is in the District Support Services building located at 711 E Porter Road, Kuna ID 83634. 

Phone: (208) 922-1013

Basic Rules for riders (posted on each bus):

  1. Refrain from loud noises that distract the bus driver.
  2. Remain seated at all times, facing the front, with your back against the seat rest.
  3. Keep the bus aisles clear.
  4. Arms and head inside of the bus.
  5. No talking when the bus is stopped at railroad crossings.
  6. No eating or drinking.
  7. Backpacks on lap or on the floor.
  8. No large instruments or skateboards.
  9. Zero Tolerance: No weapons, laser pens, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vape devices, aerosols, perfumes or colognes sprayed in bus.
  10. Harassment is never tolerated. 

Bus Stop Tips for Parents & Riders 

  • Students must be assigned to a bus in order to ride. If your student did not ride the bus the previous year, they will not be assigned to a bus unless a request is made by contacting the Transportation Department at (208) 922-1013. 
  • Please have your student at the bus stop 5 minutes ahead of the bus stop time in the morning. If your bus stop is in a rural area at your home, the bus stop is 15 feet back from the roadside. 
  • Younger students usually need help learning where their bus stop is located. Teaching them to know the location by landmarks is a good way to help ensure that they get off at the correct stop. 
  • Large items that cannot fit in a backpack are prohibited on buses. All items should be secure within their own seat in a backpack or on their lap. Skateboards are also prohibited on buses.
  • Transportation is required to perform two evacuation drills each school year. Typically, these drills are done upon arrival at school, take about 5 minutes, and usually do not cause tardy issues. 

Once students have boarded the bus at the school, they can only be released to an administrator at the school or at their assigned bus stop unless prior arrangements have been made with the Transportation Department. If you must get your student off the bus once they have boarded, please contact Transportation. A text to the student's phone will not grant them permission to get off the bus.

Daycare Transportation Agreement
The Kuna School District will provide transportation to and from authorized Daycare Facilities.
To ensure the safety of your children, transportation will be provided on a “one destination everyday” basis.
If there are schedule changes, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the elementary school in writing the day of the change.
Parents or guardians will be responsible for the transportation of their children for the day (s) of schedule changes.

Looking for routes? Find them here. 

Safety Information


Check out these messages on how to keep students safe on the bus!

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